The Channel System


Newly envisioned as a system, the three Channel fixtures take inspiration from a cylindrical, wall-mounted soap dispenser and faucet that were a best-selling part of our heritage in the Lovair line. In redesigning them for The Splash Lab, the aesthetics and fabrication were challenged to create a superlative product that would be equally minimalist, functional, and durable. Backed up by the research that informed our pioneering Ribbon System, a hand dryer was added to the line, which would now be manufactured in marine grade stainless steel, with PVD finish options available to match any aesthetic. Extending from the wall at graduated heights, the three fixtures convey an intuitive and graceful user interface. Meet The Channel System:

Simplicity and Strength

TSL innovated the design and configuration of sensor fixtures in 2014 with the launch of The Ribbon System, a set of deck-mounted pieces that provided a step for each event of the hand-washing ritual (soap, water, and air), conveniently located over the basin to minimize errant water in the restroom environment and promote a harmonious user experience. The Channel System reimagines this same journey for the wall mounted fixture offering a second, design-led solution that is scalable and efficient. 

Elegant enough for boutique installations (and ideal for the small spaces they often occupy); efficient enough for high-traffic restrooms that require an uncluttered counterspace, The Channel System’s simplicity makes it adaptable without sacrificing strength. Wall mounted fixtures unburden facility staff by allowing countertop surfaces to be wiped down or sanitized in a single motion. In addition, the integrated cylindrical design of the Channel fixtures are as sturdy as they are easy to clean, with no superfluous joints or parts to compromise integrity or collect contaminants.

The System includes three touch-free fixtures: soap dispenser, faucet, and  hand dryer. The entire line can also be purchased as a two or three-fixture set; making specification straightforward for large projects with many user stations. Both sets are available with an optional faceplate in matching PVD options, with intuitive symbology representing soap, water, and air, to further streamline the hand washing process. Explore the full product line below.  

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