TSL Custom

TSL Custom opens up a world of possibilities. Because we have harnessed the power of modular systems, we make customization easy and efficient . Our service promises full collaboration to execute your design and make use of our expertise to ensure the final product not only looks right, but anticipates any issues in the specification, shipping, installation, and maintenance  process. With detailed instructions provided and compatibility issues addressed during the design process, contractors can focus entirely on installation. 

While we offer a competitive edge with our experience creating custom units, please remember that bespoke design takes time. The following timeline will help ensure that your project stays on schedule and allow our team ample time to respond.

Design Your Basin with TSL

Choose Basin Length

Use our pre-approved user stations, or choose a custom length based on the constraints of your site.

  • Single User

  • Two Users

  • Three Users

  • Four Users

  • Custom Lengths

Add Features

We can help you add company branding, accommodate hardware into your design, create pipeskirts for ADA compliance, or build special features to enhance the look of your sink. These are some commonly-added features but if you can dream it, we can build it. Complete the quote form above to share your designs with our team.

  • Add Your Branding

  • Waste Chute

  • Backsplash

  • Countertops and Dividers

  • Legs and Pedestals

  • Add Hardware

  • Coved Edges

  • ADA Pipeskirts

Our Process

Production team to review drawings and generate quote: 7 business days.  Subject to extension if there is additional input needed not included in the submission form. At the end of this phase, you will receive an official quote and technical drawings. 

Design review, round one: 7-10 business days. 

Design review, round two: 7-10 business days. 

Final signoff and invoicing: production will not begin until all drawings are signed off and payment is received. Fabrication will take between eight and ten weeks. 

While we love working on custom projects, our expertise in the world of sink design and fabrication means many popular and niche requests are available as stock models with our Monolith Basin System, which comprises four modular sinks with  trough and divided basins for wall- and deck-mounted fixtures. If you are on a tight timeline, it is possible the basin design you require is already available as a stock item. Any easy product configuration tool allows you to see all possible variants of this flexible and powerful system. 

Is TSL Custom right for you?