Digital Marketing Manager

About This Role

The role of the Digital Marketing Manager is to oversee our lead generation efforts and the management of our databases. This person will e responsible for ensuring that everyone that has contact with TSL is scored and managed to an exceptional standard with automation and campaigns so that only the very best leads are passed onto our sales teams.


Our goal is to be the easiest brand to work with, due to this we are looking to triple our revenue over the next 3 years. With your help this will be possible by ensuring that everyone who interacts with our brand is measured and monitored so we can provide them with the most insightful and educational content that elevates the value of TSL in their mind.   

Key Performance Indicators 

  • New website visitors
  • Unique downloads
  • MQLs


  • Providing a high-level report on our existing marketing processes and identify low hanging fruit by which we can increase leads
  • Work with the marketing team to create a marketing content calendar for each quarter.
  • Set up Automation for all key processes within the marketing flow to save time whilst ensuring that all clients experience a personalized approach
  • Review current KPI’s and set targets for 12 months in 3-month increments
  • Introduce lead scoring and ensure we have 360-degree visibility of everyone who has any interaction with our brand
  • Create a suite of reports relevant to your role and track them weekly, provide feedback and ideas on how to improve the results
  • Create a website development plan as to how we can increase our website success through both organic and other forms of advertising
  • Work with the CEO to keep the team on schedule with the content calendar
  • Set up Email marketing campaigns
  • Responsible for understanding the personas of each of our customer types and creating strategies designed specifically for them
  • Be a resource for the sales team leaders to ensure they have the best resources available for their leads
  • Track our databases on a weekly basis and report back on growth and interactions
  • Monitor our web visitors, understand patters and trends and develop strategies word ideas to improve our rankings
  • Work with the team on product launch campaigns and other events to maximize awareness and visibility
Location: Culver City, CA
Hours weekly: 40 
Report to: CEO


About The Splash Lab

The Splash Lab is a global innovator in the design and manufacture of commercial restroom fixtures. We exist to make the ordinary extraordinary by creating products that architects and interior designers specify to create the restrooms of the future.

Elevator Pitch

Washrooms are the most used spaces and the least considered, we are changing this.

Our Values

  • Consider it done - Passion to get stuff done fast. No follow-up needed, conscientious.

  • Self-motivated - Everyone has a purpose, a drive to continually improve themselves and their role.

  • Humble + honest - Team players, No ego, team first and no bs.

  • Simplify - 80/20 thinking is critical to growth. We only do high value activities. Focus is key to our success.

Interested? Please email us a resume and cover letter with "+TSL Digital Marketing" in the subject line. 

This Job Description forms part of the contract of employment of the person appointed to this post.  It reflects the position at the present time only and may be changed at the discretion of the management. As a general term of employment, the Company may make any necessary changes in job content or may require the post holder to undertake other duties, at any location in the Company, provided that such changes are appropriate to the employee's remuneration and status.