Do you ship internationally?

The Splash Lab USA does not ship internationally; our ecommerce site is only for US residents. Kindly note that at this time we are not able to ship to US overseas territories. However, you can find out products in the United Kingdom at thesplashlab.com. We have licensed dealers in Australia and Canada. Please see our contact page for representative information. 

What are your lead times?

Lead times may vary product by product, and are given in the Technical sidebar of each product page. Individual lead times are subject to 

I'm looking for Lovair. What is your relationship to that company? Can I buy their products from you?

Great question! Lovair has transitioned into The Splash Lab USA. Some Lovair products and accessories are still available under the TSL Contract collection. 

Do you ship samples? 

Absolutely. Please download a finish guide for a full list of swatches