Monolith Basin System



Designed in conjunction with architects, the Monolith offers total freedom of expression, within a system of modules that are pre-configured to meet building codes and offer an intuitive installation process. Manufactured in North America using CNC machines and hand-finishing techniques, the Monolith is  competitive, contemporary design solution that still captures the quality of old world craftsmanship. Installed worldwide at such recognizable location as The Staples Center and London’s Design Museum, the Monolith is effortlessly minimal yet hard-wearing, and versatile enough for any restroom. The four series comprise a comprehensive line that complements any aesthetic, fixture type, and installation need:

Specify your basin system

Controlled customization

Each of our models comes in four lengths, designed perfectly to accommodate your project. Specify a basin for deck or wall-mounted fixtures, add fixture holes, a pick the right length for your installation.

  • 1 User

  • 2 User

  • 3 User

  • 4 User

  • Divided basin

  • Trough sink

  • Choose fixture holes

A modular approach

Controlled customization offers the greatest flexibility with built in approvals and standardized installation.

A holistic approach

The Splash Lab designs systems rather than products. Each carefully considered product exists in a larger ecosystem to ensure a seamless user experience.

An unparalleled material

Solid surface is easy to clean, maintain, and repair. It is LEED compliant and offers a limitless range of finishes.

Made in North America

Our sinks are CNC-machined and finished by hand in dedicated workshops in Los Angeles and British Columbia.

System Benefits

Finishes and Samples

The Splash Lab's Monolith Basin System can be fabricated in any solid surface brand, including but not limited to:



Aristech Avonite Surfaces®

Formica Everform™

Click through the links above to see full color portfolios. Please contact manufacturers directly for solid surface samples.