The Ribbon System


An award winning trio of touch-free fixtures that offers a modern, intuitive solution to the flow of the restroom experience. Specified individually (though we think they work best as a team), the Ribbon soap, water, and air fixtures can be arranged however best directs the flow of traffic, according to the needs of any space. Most importantly, the first of its kind, deck-mounted hand dryer ensures that water stays in the basin This single product has the distinction of improving the restroom experience across three key variables: sanitation, safety, and convenience.

All things considered

An individual approach

Each fixture in the Ribbon System was designed to function optimally either as a standalone product, or as part of set.

Scale up

The Ribbon can be specified in two and three-fixture sets so that user stations are easily for large projects.

Beautifully touch free

The IR sensor is placed directly in front of each fixture spout to gracefully and hygienically trigger flow.

Looking forward

The innovative research behind the Ribbon System exemplifies TSL's commitment to pushing design into the future.

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