TSL Heritage

Five years ago, Lovair changed the way we wash our hands with the launch of the Ribbon Collection. Today, the world is renegotiating its relationship with hand-washing. As we continue to innovate this crucial ritual to stay at the forefront of hygiene and design as The Splash Lab, we will continue to make available the best selling fixtures from the Lovair product line. The TSL Contract series is a line of design-led restroom fixtures for commercial projects. With a focus on efficiency, technology, and durable craftsmanship, this collection elevates the expectations for contract fixtures with sleek minimalism. 

Lovair sensor faucets are a hard-wearing and elegant way to bring touchless technology into your restroom and mesh seamlessly with our Monolith Basin System, which supplies sinks for deck and wall-mounted fixtures. 


Click through the products below to explore the legacy Lovair line of touchless faucets and soap dispensers and durable, yet stylish restroom accessories.