We are The Splash Lab

Our story begins in 2014 when our CEO, Justin Lovell, and the Lovair team were engaged by Foster + Partners to create sixteen custom restroom fixtures for the genre-defining Apple Park in Cupertino. F+P had been collaborators of ours since 2012 and believed that our unique “ears open” design approach would be an ideal fit for the ambitious scope of a project where the even smallest detail needed to project creativity and intuition. When the project was finally delivered in 2016, it became one of the highest-profile and well-considered corporate campuses ever designed, and The Splash Lab emerged a fully formed design company, practiced in both a future-oriented vision, and a hands-on approach to product development.



Thus “all things considered” is more than just a tagline for The Splash Lab, where we have built on our reputation for re-interpreting the rituals around hygiene and the restroom interface. We believe the future is personal. We challenge conventional restroom norms via product innovation to create considered solutions for corporate, commercial, public, hospitality and residential spaces. We use rich raw materials, cutting-edge automation and modular bathroom systems to powerfully and positively influence the lives of people and the planet.





Our backbone collaborating with architects formed a natural roadmap for TSL as we grew our product line, structured around our shared vision of design that was both deeply ambitious and functionally diligent. We pushed boundaries with sensor innovation, stainless steel fabrication and material experimentation to create a catalogue that matches the far-reaching vision of our clients.


Today, we bring over a decade of US market experience, dedicated to product development and company structure that will best serve the innovation and energy of American architects and designers as they shape the built environment of the future. Since 2016, we have completed over 500 North American projects. With offices and  a critically acclaimed showroom in Los Angeles, committed North American production for all sinks, we can offer the most efficient service to all fifty states. Below is just a snapshot of the TSL universe:


Milken Institute - Washington, DC | LaGuardia Airport | Newark Airport | Peloton HQ - NYC | Barclays Bank - NYC | Apple stores (many locations) | Louis Vuitton Stores (many locations) | Jaguar Land Rover (many locations) | Slack HQ | Houston Airport System | Dallas Airport |  Las Vegas Convention Center | Miami Beach Convention Center | Ritz Carlton Hotel - Washington | Makers Mark Tasting Center | Cedar Senai Hospital | Cleveland Clinic





Major League Baseball HQ - NYC | West Coast University | The Chicago School of Psychology | Adobe Tower | Space Needle - Seattle | Black Forest Ventures - Houston | The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel | CIA HQ - Langley | American Red Cross | KPMG HQ - Orlando | Nike - Building 6 - Oregon | Warner Music Group - Nashville | Texas A+M | University Honolulu Airport - Hawaii | Moynihan station - NYC | Spaceport - New Mexico