L-980 Series Deck-Mounted Sensor Faucet

L980 Series


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An adaptable deck-mounted sensor faucet for commercial restrooms with a straight spout and right-angle design. Can be specified with pre-mixed or two-channel water flow, brushed or polished finish, and mains or battery power for easy use in any project. Corresponds to the Lovair L-980 series of faucets.

L-980 Series Deck-Mounted Sensor Faucet

Available Parts

L7500002 Solenoid Valve

Technical data

Min/max operations pressure:

0.5 - 8 bar dynamic pressure

Flow rate:

1 GPM preset; 0.5 GPM and 1.59 GPM available

Aerator style:


Sensor range:

Preset to 8 21/32"; minimum 3 5/32" maximum 11 13/16"

Hot water temperature: 

Max 70ºF