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The Channel System Faucet builds on the research behind The Splash Lab’s revolutionary Ribbon System, adapting the principles to work as a wall mounted fixture. Designed with the other Channel Fixtures to conform to the Golden Ratio for harmonious proportions, the faucet has a marine-grade stainless steel housing engineered to its barest and most perfect form: an uninterrupted cylinder. The Channel Faucet has a pleasingly sleek silhouette that is both durable and delicate. A reliable IR sensor is placed just in front of the nozzle on the underside of the tube, so triggering the adjustable water flow is a seamless and intuitive gesture for the user. Available in our elegant PVD finishes, as well as polished or brushed stainless steel.
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Is this product ADA compliant?

Yes, when installed according to accessibility guidelines, this toilet roll holder meets ADA requirements.

Is this product for residential or commercial restrooms?

Part of the extremely versatile TSL Accessories collection, this product can be used for residential or commercial applications. 

What are the dimensions?

When installed, the overall footprint of the design measures 7 3/16” wide x 5 1/4" high and it extends just 1” from the wall when empty. Please refer to the datasheet for more detailed measurements.


4lb. 10oz.

Stainless steel grade:

AISI #304 Stainless steel

Power source:




Flow rate:

Maximum 1.48 GPM

Operating pressure:

10 - 85 PSI

Comfort delay:

0.5 - 1 second