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The Channel System Hand Dryer builds on the research behind the same fixture in The Ribbon System. The Splash Lab's revolutionary idea to place the dryer over the basin works as well in a wall-mounted option as it does for the original deck-mounted fixtures. Designed with the other Channel Fixtures to conform to the Golden Ratio for harmonious proportions, the dryer has a marine-grade stainless steel housing engineered to its barest and most perfect form: an uninterrupted cylinder. A small vent on the underside of the fixtures produces a gentle but powerful stream of air that directs water off the hands and into the basin in a process that is both pleasant and hygienic. The sensor is placed just in front of the vent, so triggering the airflow is a seamless and intuitive gesture for the user.

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What sink is best for the Channel system?

Our Monolith Types C and D are designed for use with wall-mounted fixtures such as the Channel System, and this configuration has been rigorously tested for functionality and long wear. However, the Channel is appropriate for use with any sink with similar dimensions, providing installation guidelines are followed.

What space do I need behind the sink for the components of the hand dryer?

What is the warranty for The Channel System?

The Channel System carries a one-year warranty for parts and labor.

Why is the Channel Dryer designed to sit over the sink?

The Channel Dryer has a truly innovative design that is more hygienic by twofold than other models. First, the placement of the dryer over the basin eliminates water droplets from the restroom environment, rather than allowing them to fall on the floor, or sit in the basin of a freestanding unit with a drying chamber. Second, wall-mounted fixtures unclutter the basin and counter space, allowing surfaces to be easily wiped dry or sanitized.

What about deck-mounted options?

If your project demands a deck-mounted fixture, our award-winning Ribbon System [LINK] offers the same flow and hygiene benefits of the Channel fixtures.

Where is there Channel system inventory?

All Channel System fixtures ship from our Southern California fulfilment center. Satin finish has a lead time of two weeks; PVD options can take up to four weeks.

How much space between a sensor and sink should I have?

The WELL Standard requires 10" between the sensor and sink. 

Technical Data


18lb. 5oz. 

Stainless steel grade:

AISI 304 Stainless steel

Motor type:

Brush type, dual ball bearings

Power source:



110 - 120 V


840 - 1000 W (adjustable)

Connection type:

Class I

Noise level: