The Complete Channel System



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For easy scalability on large projects or a straightforward spec on single-user cabins, all three Channel System fixtures are sold here under one code, with optional faceplate and indicator etchings. This kit includes all you need to install the Channel Soap Dispenser, Faucet, and Hand Dryer . Available in our elegant PVD finishes, as well as brushed or polished stainless steel.

The Complete Channel System


How will my users tell which product is which?

While rigorous testing has determined the Channel's 1-2-3 system and graduated fixture heights to create an intuitive flow, etched symbology for each event (soap, water, and air) is available as an add-on. These easy-to-interpret icons reinforce the already straightforward process.

What sink is best for the Channel system?

Our Monolith Types C and D are designed for use with wall-mounted fixtures such as the Channel System, and this configuration has been rigorously tested for functionality and long wear. However, the Channel is appropriate for use with any sink with ample installation space.

Can I supply soap to multiple sinks or soap dispensers in the same restroom?

Yes. The Channel System is designed for use with the TSL Multi-Feed Soap System to adapt easily to larger installations and support easy maintence and refilling in busy restrooms.

Why is the Channel Dryer more hygienic than other options?

The Chanel Dryer has a truly innovative design that is more hygienic by twofold than other models. First, the dryer incorporates a HEPA filter to ensure that the hands are exposed to the purest possible air. Second, the placement of the dryer over the basin eliminates water droplets from the restroom environment, rather than allowing them to fall on the floor, or sit in the basin of a freestanding unit with a drying chamber.