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2 weeks - stainless steel; 4 weeks PVD finishes

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A sleek, pump-action soap dispenser with a minimalist silhouette. Designed in conjunction with the TSL.882 sensor faucet, the complementary fixtures align with the Golden Ratio, a mathematical principle for harmonious proportions, that creates a pleasing and balanced arrangement of curved and straight lines. The slim, cylindrical case is hard wearing yet sophisticated, making it an ideal specification for high traffic areas without sacrificing visual impact; it is ideally suited to the retail, museum, and hospitality sectors. Machined from high grade AISI304 brushed stainless steel with no plastic parts, the soap dispenser is vandal resistant and offers an elegant alternative to the traditional barrel dispenser. The TSL.470 soap dispenser is designed for liquid soap only and can be refilled from a service room or void behind the wall. Tested to 5 million pumps, the mechanism replenishes quickly and offers long life. Available in our four elegant PVD finishes.

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Is this soap dispenser available in a touch free version?

A similar cylindrical design is available in a touchless, or sensor, version with The Channel System. It is complementary to the TSL.882 Sensor Faucet just like the pump dispenser.

What type of soap should I use with this fixture?

Do I need to buy a soap tank?

No, this unit can be specified with or without a soap system.

Is this product ADA compliant?

Yes, this fixture is ADA compliant when installed correctly, as it requires less than 5 pounds of force to operate and soap can be dispensed using a single hand.

Is it compatible with the TSL multi-feed soap system?

Yes, the TSL.470 can be used with a single soap tank, stored beneath the sink, or in the wall; as well as the multi-feed soap system.

What type of soap does this product use?

The TSL.470 is designed for use with liquid soap.

Can I use this product for hand sanitizer?

Unfortunately no, this product is not compatible with hand sanitizer, gel, or foam soap. Please use liquid soap only. 

Technical Data


1lb 15oz

Recommended soap viscosity:

100 to 3800cPs Liquid soap only


316AISI stainless steel

Feed pipe connection:

8mm push-fit connector to L-ST series feed system

Standard discharge:

0.03 fl oz